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What We Do

Metric Bolt is a master distributor of a variety of supply chain solutions for military defense contractors and various industries.

Master Distributor of Military Fasteners

Metric Bolt is a master distributor of a variety of supply chain solutions for various industries and military defense contractors.

Since 1965, Metric Bolt has delivered one of the largest inventories of metric parts for the aerospace and military industries in the USA.

Our extensive knowledge of metric and standard parts has given us an advantage when quoting DFARs projects or custom engineered solutions for the military industry.

By providing a “Lean Concept” of continuous improvement company wide, Metric Bolt is ahead of its competition by staying abreast of new trends, supply chain issues, adopting technology, and overall technical knowledge of DFAR product compliance.

Knowing that we take such pride in being up to date with DFARs Compliance will allow our customers to focus on what’s important to them, their bottomline.

Documentation Support:

Making sure your building materials are DFAR compliant is imperative. Metric Bolt provides all the proper documentation and certificates needed to authenticate military spec materials so you stay up to date with DFAR compliance. We make it as easy as possible for our customers to track where their materials came from.

Custom Engineering:

Do you need a custom part made? Metric Bolt offers capability to engineer and manufacture your design based on your requirements or drawings. We are able to provide DFAR compliant assurance with the materials we utilize and can machine that one of a kind custom fastener.

Specialty Fabrication:

If your standard fastener is not up to standards, Metric Bolt offers fabrication services that will customize your fastener to exact product specifications. We offer a variety of specialty finished fasteners including plating, nylon patching, drilled, and grind to make sure you have the correct fastener for your job.

Military Fastener Inventory:

With over 25,000 parts at our Florida warehouse, we’ve stocked our inventory with a large variety of military and commercial parts ranging from nuts, bolts, screws, and any type of fastener you can think of. Metric Bolt offers DFAR compliant products with the best possible prices online.

#1 Technical Knowledge:

Over the years, the team at have increased their knowledge bank in the military fastener industry and have become the go-to compliant supplier for all things “DFAR” products. 

It’s not just our in depth product knowledge or inventory; but our passion for all things military fasteners. If we can’t answer your question, we will find the answer or find a trusted source of information to help. 9/10 we have the answer at Metric Bolt.

Trusted Fastener Supplier:

Metric Bolt has over 60 years of military supply chain experience and first hand knowledge in inventory management. Making sure you are receiving DFAR compliant supplies on time, can make or break your company.

If you are running out of a necessary fastener, Metric Bolt can help decrease your cycle times, reduce expenses, and increase productivity through our managed inventory system.

Metric Bolt can store your DFARs products at our safe, secure, and 24-7-365 monitored warehouse in Lake Worth, Florida and get it delivered to you quicker, so you can finish your military project faster and boost your ROI.