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Full Traceability of Materials for the Military Supply Chain

Blake Marciszewski

Blake Marciszewski

Metric Bolt is a family run company with an inventory of military fasteners.

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Metric Bolt delivers on full lot traceability on materials for DFARs compliance.

Metric Bolt offers full supply chain material traceability systems with all of our DFARS compliant products. We work in depth with many of our manufacturers in the military supply chain to ensure our strict traceability programs are followed.

Metric Bolt’s well designed material traceability of raw materials is designed to present higher quality military fasteners, increase production efficiency, reduce resource wastage, and ensure brand protection.

What is Full Traceability?

Traceability is the ability to show the manufacturing process of each part we offer in the supply chain, from raw materials to finished product and provides multiple benefits.

Our material traceability in manufacturing assists in our quality control, internal traceability and production process allowing us the ability for continuous improvement. In the manufacturing industry production, processes are not always conducive to customer needs when it comes to quality control.

This is why the robust supply chain traceability we have put in place at Metric Bolt require strict internal traceability systems to provide trust to the customers we serve in the Commercial, Military and Aerospace industries. With our clients best interest in mind Metric Bolt maintains full traceability systems in our quality management system.

Full Traceability Systems

Every part we have is not only inspected for its physical properties but its supplier traceability as well. Material traceability data is recorded just like inspection results, verifying traceability requirements and ensuring the final products provide customer satisfaction. This ability to trace guarantees product quality, prevents product recall and increases operational efficiency.

Our robust traceability systems read like a book from the raw material through the entire manufacturing process. Incoming products are first verified by their raw materials, accompanied by a raw material certification we are able to confirm the part is made with the correct base material and was melted in a DFAR country in order to meet compliance mandates.

This is just the first step in the manufacturer’s processes. This shows what makes traceability important, if the raw material is incorrect resource wastage can occur and operational efficiency will decrease which can cause delays in the military supply chain.

Raw Material Traceability Meaning

From raw materials to processing of materials we continue in the production process. In the manufacturing industry we require strict traceability programs, so we need to see proof of the material throughout the manufacturing process.

In order for us to accept a part we need verification of the entire process. In order for product traceability to flow correctly we must have a way to trace raw materials to the processor or purchaser. We do this with certifications showing the receipt of the product and a heat or identification number that has been assigned to the material.

Our full traceability systems are set to identify these connecting factors through quality control. Product quality and process improvement are heavily reliant on our ability to trace and identify these characteristics.

Traceability in Manufacturing

The next step in providing full traceability is showing the manufacturer’s processes. With this granular quality control, we will be able to verify the parts management was handled correctly. We can use this to identify the exact part we requested was built and conforms to all chemical, physical and dimensional requirements.

Other diverse industries do not place such a high level control process on parts because they do not offer higher quality products. Being able to trace through the manufacturing process gives us the ability to comprehensively meet customer needs. We take each traceability package through stringent quality control to show how the material goes from steel rod to the final fastener products.

Compliance Mandates

In order to meet compliance mandates we not only show full traceability through the manufacturing process but also any additional testing or special process used for the part. In the production process an important aspect of many parts is that there are additional tests and processes that are required and need to be verified with an identification number before quality control can pass a product.

We must take these things into consideration in our traceability systems. Production processes need to be followed exactly meaning if a product needs plating, salt spray testing, non-destructive testing etc. Then we will provide traceability on this as well.

Offering full traceability of the manufacturing process is just another way we provide customer satisfaction. Metric Bolt works tirelessly to improve its strict traceability programs by using advanced traceability tools and traceability solutions. Our traceability systems are vital for quality management giving us the ability to present higher quality products.

Metric Bolt

Many industry suppliers do not realize the importance of raw material traceability requirements but Metric Bolt and our trading partners do that to present higher quality products. Traceability makes intermediate products great products and shows that they will not fail and reduce product recalls.

We will continue to showcase the multiple benefits our well designed traceability system offers to comprehensively meet customer satisfaction. We will always provide the best product in the military supply chain and look forward to showing exactly what we have to offer.

Metric Bolt provides sourcing and distribution for fully traceable aerospace, commercial, and military fasteners, including screws, bolts, washers, nuts, pins, rivets, and more, serving clients throughout the United States (USA) and across the globe.

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