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Blake Marciszewski

Blake Marciszewski

Metric Bolt is a family run company with an inventory of military fasteners.

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Metric Bolt is a leading supplier of aircraft fasteners in the US.

Aerospace fasteners help to effectively hold the parts of space-bound rockets, ballistic missiles, jets, military aircraft, and commercial planes.

In recent times, newer and more durable aerospace fasteners have been developed due to technological advancements in the aerospace industry.

Because of the extreme temperature and pressure conditions that aerospace fasteners are under, the construction and design need to be highly durable. Find out more about the different types of aerospace and aircraft fasteners below.

Aircraft Fasteners

What are aerospace fasteners?

Aerospace fasteners are responsible for joining the various parts of an aircraft to create the final product.

They can assemble aerostructure, such as flight control surfaces, nacelle, pylon, nose, empennage, wings, fuselage, and many more.

A fasteners durability and high levels of quality make them attractive in commercial and military applications.

Additionally, aircraft fasteners can make the aerostructure more rigid. There are many different aerospace fastener varieties based on their role, from captive fasteners to clinching industrial fasteners.

Choices available to you when purchasing aerospace fasteners

Aerospace fastener suppliers like Metric Bolt, have a wide range of military fasteners available, depending on your needs.

Some of the standard fasteners used in the aerospace market include nuts, screws, rivets, pins, and aerospace bolts.

Five common aerospace fasteners

Let’s take a look at how five different aerospace fasteners compare:

  • Aerospace rivets – These fasteners have a head on one end, with a smooth cylindrical shaft. Use a rivet to join two or more pieces of material.
  • Aerospace collars – These fasteners seamlessly fit with lock bolt rivets. They help in attaching the bolt of rivet to the object and have compatible metal alloy bodies.
  • Aerospace screws – Aircraft screws are the most common thread fastening method with an external thread, which is a helical ridge. They tend to be constructed using lower-strength materials in comparison to bolts.
  • Aerospace nuts – Aircraft nuts are threaded fasteners made of anodized 2024T aluminum alloy, stainless steel, or cadmium plated carbon steel. They are always used with a mating bolt or screw.
  • Aerospace bolts – Finally, anodized aluminum alloys, cadmium, zinc plated corrosion resistant steel, or unplated corrosion-resistant steel is used. For aircraft construction, common bolts are AN, NAS internal wrenching, close tolerance, and MS bolts.

Specialty fasteners and materials used

Specialty fasteners created using high-performing alloys have been created to meet the strict requirements and standards of the aerospace sector. For instance, an aerospace fastener needs to withstand the high pressures from leaving the earth’s atmosphere to the extreme temperatures of burning jet fuel.

Material composition is something you need to consider carefully. Materials that are very durable and strong yet lightweight are most desirable. Some common materials used for aerospace fasteners include superalloys, titanium, steel, and aluminum.

Furthermore, fastener protection coatings or covers are needed, which provide the resistance needed for such environmental conditions and applications. Some examples of special coatings include cadmium, black oxide, and zinc.

Performance characteristics when choosing aerospace fasteners

When choosing aerospace fasteners from an affordable fastener supplier for power generation, some of the vital characteristics you need to look for include:

  • High strength-to-weight ratio – Aerospace fasteners like this optimize performance and reduce fuel and energy expenses.
  • High immunity to wear and vibration
  • Self-locking and self-sealing capabilities – This will stop pressure and fluid leaks and loosening during operation.
  • Superior performance in extreme conditions – This includes both high and low pressures and temperatures.
  • High fatigue, sheer, and tensile strength
  • Exceptional oxidation and corrosion resistance

Contact us today for durable, high-quality aerospace fasteners

Metric Bolt is one of the leading aerospace fastener suppliers. We have served aerospace industries, military contractors, and commercial businesses with the highest quality fasteners in the USA since 1965.

If you would like to find out more about our bolts and fastener products and the service we provide, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team.

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